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PicMonkey Adds Annual Membership

I don’t usually post on Tuesdays but I woke up from a nap to the awesome news that PicMonkey started up their annual membership today.

Picmonkey adds Annual Plan. Read about it at AnnuaryChit.com

Earlier today on Facebook

“We’ve tweaked Royale just for you by adding an Annual plan for $33/year…that’s $2.75/month…or as you professional savers like to say, a 45% discount!!

If Royale’s not for you, we’re still rockin’ 60% of our features for free. Speaking of FREE, you can now add Your Own Overlays & Textures for free. And Tranquil? That’s free too!”

Yesterday they tweeted

Adding your own Overlays are a BIG deal to a lot of bloggers. Check out Yara’s response:

Previously posted

In the comments of last weeks post, PicMonkey’s Premium: Is Royale too high for you?people varied from paying monthly, being interested in the annual membership, or happy to continue using it for free. Everyone had something in common though; they all love the photo editor.

What about you? Does the new annual membership change your mind?

Sherlock at Salem Commons

A themed photo shoot from Fall 2012 It seems so long ago but just a few months past I convinced my teenage cousin to don his Sherlock costume and brave a blustery day at Salem Commons. His memory is beyond impressive and would spout off Holmes quotes from the books and Downey Jr. movies. Sadly,… Continue Reading

Photo Shoot at Long Hill

A cousin was over a few weekends ago and wanted to take some pictures so we headed over to Long Hill in Beverly, Massachusetts and I was amazed that we had never been there before. I’ll gush more about the location in another post and after I go back and get a few more pictures. This was… Continue Reading

Before/After Photo of Month: Hanging Rock

I can’t believe the month is gone! Tomorrow I’m posting about the first park I visited after 31, one of my favorite spots, Hanging Rock.  I thought I’d share a quick before and after of a photo from the day. Sadly, I edited the picture in LR4 on vacation and can’t remember what I did… Continue Reading

My Cruise Camera Gear

Some I have and some I’d like before I go on my cruise.  Need to start saving now for a new lens! Polarizer I have a kit like this one somewhere need to find it especially for the UV protector. Backup battery and Extra Charger I have an extra battery I got from Deal Extreme last… Continue Reading

Photo Tips for Cruise Vacations

One of my yearly bucket list goals is to visit 3 states and 1 country. Going on my first cruise will surely help make that goal easier to attain. I should be worrying about getting into shape, saving money, or at the very least getting my passport but instead I’ve scoured cruise message boards and the… Continue Reading

Walking in Wachusett

Nature Walks Calms My Crazy Way back in April I went for a walk in the woods.  Twice in one week in fact!  We all met up near Wachusett Reservoir to ramble down the short paved trail that had once been a railway.  Paved you say! How is that natural?  I think for many who have… Continue Reading

Enchanting Photographer: Maciej Markiewicz

I think I’ve established my love of Pinterest already but in case you didn’t know here’s a new series Enchanting Photographer where I’ll share some favorites from my board Enchanting Visuals. I first saw Maciej Markiewicz’s artwork on Google+ where in the constant flow of amazing photography his lush landscapes always popped out. Source: flickr.com via C on… Continue Reading


I can’t remember how old I was when I started taking pictures.  I used to LOVE walking around with disposable cameras… wait I still do!

I’m by no means an expert but I love taking and creating with my camera.  I’m an amateur’s apprentice.

Slideshows of some pictures

On my wish list!