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January Writing Goals


Simple plansMonthly Writing Goals @ AnnuaryChit.com

My writing goals are simple this month. I hope by keeping it simple I won’t get as distracted as usual and feel like I’m making progress.

Write and submit one short story
Yep, I’m attempting the Write 1 Sub 1 challenge for the third time. Although, I’ve never walked away with 12 stories making the submission rounds I’m looking forward to giving it another shot. I’ll babble on about the challenge more next week.

Organize my writing notebooks
I’ve already tackled this in the first week. Yay! The piles of binders and notebooks was overwhelming but I tore through it. Now I have a HUGE pile of loose paper in a box that are full of strange fragments. I decided I’ll be buying Dragon NaturallySpeaking software and after I figure out how to use it transcribing all my notes and stories.

That will be a major undertaking for another day.

Finish one scene from NaNoWriMo
If I get more done awesome; but it isn’t my priority this month.

Schedule 15 blog posts
I’ve already got 5 done! I’d like to have more scheduled since I’m on winter vacation but 15 will make me stoked!

What are your writing goals this month?

31 at 31 Bucket List Check in

Right now there are tons of people starting fresh goals so I thought it was a great time to fess up on my yearly bucket list progress.

Bucket List Progress

Jump into the new year. Bucket List check in at Annuary Chit

Out of 31 goals I’ve completed four entirely with another two almost finished. Five months into my list and not even 25% done won’t leave me with much cushion but it is still progress. At this point I’m not sure about a few of my goals being feasible but I’m not giving up yet.

It’s a new year and I’m picking up another challenge, a 52 week photography project over at Google Plus. I’m using some of the January motivation to get started, or in some cases start again, on my goals.

Completed list

100 pushups for 31 days {blogged here}
3+1 states & road trip
3+1 countries & cruise {I’ll be blogging A LOT about this}
31 short stories

Nearly completed

3+1 shoots
31 books read

Starting in January

31 inches lost {bummed I lost my tracking paper from three months ago}
31 herbal plants

For you New Year Resolutionists what are your goals for 2013?

One of my biggest challenges of 2013?

Sherlock at Salem Commons

A themed photo shoot from Fall 2012

Tyler, Young Sherlock, pondering life's mysteries at the Commons

It seems so long ago but just a few months past I convinced my teenage cousin to don his Sherlock costume and brave a blustery day at Salem Commons.

His memory is beyond impressive and would spout off Holmes quotes from the books and Downey Jr. movies. Sadly, he hasn’t seen my favorite the BBC series Sherlock yet.

Fall pictures right before Hurricane Sandy

We weren’t sure what to expect from the massive storm, especially after all the devastation it created up the East Coast but came through with barely a hiccup. Though we did lose power and there were a lot of trees down from the microbursts afterwards.

Sherlock was on the case

The air was crisp, the sun bright and we enjoyed clowning around in the park . I took far more pictures than I’d ever use but when you have a willing subject who is enjoying themselves it’s photography at it’s most fun (I really wanted to say funniest but doubt Sherlock would approve).

What you do in this world is a matter of no consequence. The question is what can you make people believe you have done. Sherlock quotes and photo shoot

What I learned

Make sure you’re on the same page as your subject.
We talked about what we wanted to do ahead of time so there were no surprises other than how chilly it was.

Be flexible.
When Halloween events blocked off part of the Commons we worked around it and took a stroll downtown where we got some fun shots.

What one man can invent, another can discover. Sherlock #quotes

Tweet one of these Sherlock quotes:

There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact

To a great mind, nothing is little

The game is afoot. Sherlock #quotes & photo shoot

Here is a collage I posted first on my fan page and a slideshow of many pictures from the day. Enjoy and tell me what kind of themed shoot you’d love to do!


If you have trouble viewing the video {like I did on my NOOK} try a direct link to the original video on Animoto.

Believe it or not this counts as two things on my 31@31 bucket list: a themed photo shoot and a park!

100 Push Ups for 31 days: Done

Photo by bobsfever on flickr
photo by bobsfever on flickr

I completed one of my goals for 31@31!

Doing 100 push ups a day seemed to be something near impossible for me a lazy, out of shape gal but instead it has really been fun and fired me up to make more fitness goals.

In October I did 100 push ups every day! Sorry I got caught up with NaNoWriMo and homework last month and forgot to post this!

My other push up posts
First Check In
100 Push Ups in 31 days

While I did 100 push ups a day I’m not going to stop there! 

A few days before the end of the month as a joke a coworker and I did some squats… I don’t remember what the joke was but at four o’clock in the morning I find everything funny! When I was sore the next day from the joke (plus squatting quite a bit at cousin’s photo shoot) I had an epiphany and started adding squats in too.

November 1st I did take it easy and only did 25 of each exercise but am now working towards 100 standard push ups a day. Each day I’m adding more standard push ups into each set and feel it has increased my strength (I mentioned before) and giving me a sense of accomplishment I didn’t expect but certainly welcome.

That doesn’t mean I have zero concerns. I need to watch my joints, they are very loose and easy to overextend. Plus, I thought by day 31 (not to mention I started doing push ups daily over 4 months ago) it would be so much easier but I still can’t do more than 40 modified push ups in a row.

That’s okay maybe it will be my next fitness goal 🙂

Gearing up for vacation where I’m going to attempt the rock wall for the first time. Hope all these push ups help a bit!

5 Writing Tips from The Elements of Style

Gearing up for NaNoWriMo has had me rediscovering some of the gems on my bookshelf. I grabbed the manual by Strunk & White off my shelf and here are a few tips I got from it.

Do not break sentences in two

Sometimes all you need is a comma.

Example from The Elements of Style:

I met them on a Cunard liner many years ago. Coming home from Liverpool to New York.

I met them on a Cunard liner many years ago, coming home from Liverpool to New York.

You can ignore this in dialogue especially when the character is a choppy talker.


Used when two words are combined to form a compound adjective.

I’ve always had trouble with this one. Is it never-ending or neverending?

The book says not to use hyphens when the words are written better as one and that many words evolve from two words then hyphenated and finally one. Wonder if the words signed a prenup? Example: bed chamber, bed-chamber, bedchamber.

Among. Between.

Among is when two or more persons are involved but between is when two or more are involved individually.

Among: “The money was divided among four players.”
Between: “an agreement between the six heirs”

What about amongst? I use that one a lot but think that is a whole other kettle of tea. Maybe green with hints of jasmine. But that is another issue entirely.

Ah-ha check out this post by the Grammar Girl who explains among, between, and even amongst.

Care less

“I could care less.” Is that really what you’re saying you care about something but you could care even less about it?


“I couldn’t care less.” This is what you should be saying while reading this post!


Personally, I love using the expression but Strunk & White say it is often unnecessary.

I love using the expression but Strunk & White say it is often unnecessary.

Get more tips by picking up The Elements of Style. I grabbed my copy, the illustrated version, on Amazon.