A chit's yearly list of nonsense


Welcome to Annuary Chit.

What’s in a Name?

Annuary: yearly, annual Chit: 1. A saucy or impertinent girl 2. A short note or letter

I’ve been called impertinent more than once so chit is apt.  This blog was slated to be a yearly bucket list but instead I’ll do a yearly round up of the main categories; writes, photos, does.  [Can you tell I like to rationalize things to make them work?]

So if you like writing, pop culture, quotes, photography, ramblings of a woman who giggles at being older than a girl this is the spot for you.  Don’t expect lucidity– I’ve never experienced that state of being.

Place you can find me online?

Pinterest, Facebook, & Google+ are just a few. Check out my about.me profile for more of my favorite online haunts.

Currently no mutant ants allowed but don’t be surprised if my Opinionated Ant makes an appearance or two. Read my first post, Hello, for what topics I’m blogging about in  more depth but the main categories are writes | photos | does.