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Time Management Experiment


Good intentions and drafted posts have been collecting dust for over a month and I have to admit I’m not as on top of school this semester as I’d like. Any Microbiology tutors out there?

Perhaps the constant barrage of snow storms has messed with my method of madness but I’m finding it hard to manage my time. So I’m trying out a few tools to help me to start and finish tasks.

I saw this video in my Google+ stream awhile back and it’s been in the back of my head intriguing me. {It’s a short, informative video don’t worry!}

I like the idea of intense periods of work with short breaks and have tried to do that with my handy dandy timer but with limited success. I did try this out one day last week and at the end of two 90 minute sessions I had all my homework done for the day. It was a heady feeling.

Next week I’m going to give it a more concerted effort, can’t think about it until after the AWP conference is over. Which I couldn’t go to on Friday since I got snowed in but that is a rant for another day!

We’ll see how this little time management experiment goes.

What about you? Do you have a method to your time management madness?

PS– if you liked the video here is the article on Sparring Mind mentioned in it that also links to a ton of studies and tips.

Blizzard 2013. Nemo’s still here.

Updated 10:00 PM 2/9/13

Yesterday I posted about waiting for Nemo but the updates were making it too long so here I am starting a brand new one for Saturday. Click here to see what we got up to right before the storm and up until the power went out.

That’s right we lost power! And not for a few minutes either.


12 AM

 Nemo at Midnight. Blizzard 2013 updates via annuarychit.com

2 AM

I got comfy on the couch and turned on Suits when the power went out. A few minutes later it came back on and I patiently waited for the satellite to reboot and started to watch Suits again when the power cut off for the second time. What a tease! And now I’m afraid to try to watch it again.

11 AM

Blizzard 2013. Saturday AM with no power via @cmckane


Yes, that was the first thing I said. It was a joke, mostly. My younger sister said “heat! heat! heat!”. Clearly I had my priorities right!

12 PM

With promises of homemade hot chocolate Bebe and I braved the outdoors to clean off the cars. Well, I really didn’t care about that but wanted to take pictures and check everything out.

Next time I’ll plan my outfit more carefully you think after over a decade in New England I’d have a snow suit or whatever people wear to stay warm. It wasn’t the two layers of pants, the rain boots, or the scarf around my head that was a problem. Even the lab goggles and board shorts kept me warm and dry but it was the hobo gloves that killed me. I had to come back in & get special gloves. Glad I have sisters that plan ahead.

We harassed our neighbors and played in the street. I’m hoping to get outside once more before the sun goes down but we’ll see.

Noon clean up during Nemo Blizzard via @cmckane at annuarychit.com

4 PM

I went back out one last time before the sun set and realized I missed out on something magical. The parking ban was lifted at four which meant I couldn’t walk down the middle of the streets and take all the time I wanted to avoid falling and taking all the pictures I wanted. Instead I turned around halfway from downtown because I kept slip sliding and didn’t want to risk my camera dying!

Cleaning up from Blizzard 2013 via @cmckane

Waiting for Nemo. Blizzard 2013

Last updated at 7:oo 11:17 PM 2/8/13

I watched the grey sky swirling above, mesmerized  on my way home from work this morning. We’ve already had a few spits of snow and the storm is being touted as a possibly historic blizzard and while I have a hard time believing forecasts if they are even halfway right we’re looking at a lot of snow.

I’m going to post all my storm pictures here so if you visit on Friday or Saturday you may want to check back again!


Before the storm: 7-9 AM

My test for today was cancelled so I stocked up on food (we really had no food left) and fuel before I came home from work.

It really wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be.

I didn’t have my camera at the gas station but believe me when I tell you it was PACKED! The 15 minute wait for the pump would have sped by if I had my trusty Canon with me but I settled in to people watch instead.

Here’s a few pictures of the yard before the snow as a point of reference, a few empty shelves at the grocery store and two Stop and Shop employees who were smiling and cheerful despite the lines and early hour.

Waiting for Nemo. Blizzard 2013 via @cmckane

Into the Breach: 6 PM

Yes I’m a geek and had to say that! Sadly, I passed out until about 5 PM and when I woke up I realized something tragic- I have NO hot chocolate! What good will two bags of marshmallows do me now!? The house is full of cooking, cleaning, and the constant drone of weather updates. The plows are scraping, the wind is whistling, and I’m settling in to enjoy the night!

6 PM Update. The wind is picking up & the ground is covered but it is way warmer than it has been! Finding Nemo Blizzard 2013. AnnuaryChit.com

Baby come down: 9-11 PM

I can’t imagine driving right now since even standing on the porch I couldn’t always see across the yard. I took to Twitter and harassed my family tonight and will probably go outside one more time tonight (but with at least a long-sleeved shirt on this time!).

More blizzard updates from AnnuaryChit.com

Recent tweets:

You have to watch this parody it is so funny!

We’ll see how long I stay awake, if we lose power, and how many marshmallows I enjoy! If you’re in the path of the blizzard stay safe and warm!

And why are we naming all these storms again?

College Tips: Social media as homework tool

Social Media for Homework via @cmckaneSpring semester started last Tuesday and I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. One way I’ve found to cut down my researching for papers has been to visit the internet. Honest!

I don’t do all my studying or sourcing papers online but with so many papers available on the internet (Google Scholar is my friend) it makes writing papers much easier.

Here are three social media sites I visit but if you use social media to study or do homework I’d love it if you commented and told me about them.



I love Pinterest, the major time waster, but I started to use it last semester for good and not just evil random pinning. I made a board to pin bookmarks and project ideas for my World History and British Literature classes.  It helped me to keep track of my ideas and then compare them all at once.

This semester I’m taking British Literature and World History again but also added on Microbiology. I have two big projects and know Pinterest will be helpful. That is if I can avoid getting sucked into all the yummy recipes and tiny house plans.

Here’s my Semester Board though I might make a separate one for Microbiology.


Yes, I use Wikipedia but never as a source since anyone can alter the entries. I do search topics on Wikipedia though and check the references. Sometimes I’ve found a treasure trove with hearty lists of articles and books that I then check out for myself. I normally don’t count Wikipedia as social media but its collaborative nature which can effect its accuracy also can add multiple perspectives on a topic and more sources to check out.

Last semester I couldn’t find information for a paper anywhere and was disappointed when Wikipedia looked promising but all its sources led back to one blog post that turned around and referenced Wikipedia. That is why I may use Wikipedia to wrap my brain around a subject and get a general overview but I never use it when writing papers except for reference researching.


I use blogs just like Wikipedia. To get a head start on finding related articles and books. There are plenty of well-researched blogs and the ones that share their references are gems. Personally, I’ve only referenced a blog post in one paper and rarely will because even if it is excellently researched blogs are fluid. Chances of a scholar journal being pulled is minimal but how many blogs are here and gone in a matter of months? Not to mention posts can be edited as well and then you may be linking to something else entirely!

In a nutshell

  • Pinterest: Visual bookmarking

  • Wikipedia: Overview & reference REsearching

  • Blog posts: Reference REsearching

What other social media outlets can you think of or use for schooling resources? Do you use any sites in unique ways? Leave a comment and let me know.

5 New England poetry magazines and presses

5 New England poetry magazines & presses | AnnuaryChit.com

Recently, I found a box full of business cards and flyers from a poetry festival I went to last year in Salem, MA. There were tons of literary publications for sale and plenty of booths teeming with promotional cards to take home- naturally I grabbed a bag full. Are you looking for places to submit poems to?

Here are five poetry magazines and presses that are right here in New England.

Slate Roof Press


Slate Roof Press is a membership poetry press based out of Western Massachusetts. For 9 years they have been local poets who work together and craft limited-edition chapbooks.


Their first annual poetry chapbook contest is open until Febuary 15, 2013. If you win you’re agreeing “to three-year work commitment in our collective, averaging 8-10 hours/month, including monthly business meetings in Greenfield, MA” as well as being published.

If you live in Massachusetts and have always wanted to be a part of a tight-knit community where you are involved not only in creating but publishing your poetry check out their websites for more details.

Off the Coast


Off the Coast is biannual journal from Maine that got it’s start back in 1989. From their about page, “We believe small presses and literary magazines are the lifeblood and testing ground for all writers. A handful of writers break through to major houses, but a much larger voice would go unheard if not for small presses and literary magazines.”

You can also find the on Facebook.


Deadlines for submission are March 15, June 15, September 15, and December 15 and they accept poetry, artwork, and reviews of poetry books.

Perugia Press


Founded in 1997, the Massachusetts press publishes one book of poetry by a woman per year. Their poets are available for reading plus they will be at the AWP conference in Boston this March.


The Perugia Press Prize is an annual contest that awards one woman poet with $1000 and publication. This year’s contest runs from August 1- November 15, 2013. Read more about the guidelines on their contest page.

Poetry Society of New Hampshire


Poetry Society of New Hampshire is a membership organization that has grown from 16 to 250 members. They have a quarterly magazine, poetry readings, meetings, and publish poetry books.

You can also find them on Facebook.


They have quite a few contests and some are open to the public. I’m very tempted by their college student poetry contest which is open until March 15, 2013.

Encricle Pub


Okay, I cheated since Encircle Publications is really two for the price of one.
The Aurorean is a biannual poetry journal and the Unrorean is “the Aurorean’s alter ego” which is a biannual poetry broadside.


Guidelines for The Aurorean. The next deadline is February 15, 2013 for the Spring/Summer issue by mail.

Guidelines for The Unrorean. There aren’t any hard and fast rules but it also only accepts submissions by mail.

I know there are a ton more literary resources right here in New England these were just a few that I happened to see at the poetry festival. I’ll be on the lookout at my next festival for more.

Do you have a favorite local press or magazine near you?