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Time Management Experiment


Good intentions and drafted posts have been collecting dust for over a month and I have to admit I’m not as on top of school this semester as I’d like. Any Microbiology tutors out there?

Perhaps the constant barrage of snow storms has messed with my method of madness but I’m finding it hard to manage my time. So I’m trying out a few tools to help me to start and finish tasks.

I saw this video in my Google+ stream awhile back and it’s been in the back of my head intriguing me. {It’s a short, informative video don’t worry!}

I like the idea of intense periods of work with short breaks and have tried to do that with my handy dandy timer but with limited success. I did try this out one day last week and at the end of two 90 minute sessions I had all my homework done for the day. It was a heady feeling.

Next week I’m going to give it a more concerted effort, can’t think about it until after the AWP conference is over. Which I couldn’t go to on Friday since I got snowed in but that is a rant for another day!

We’ll see how this little time management experiment goes.

What about you? Do you have a method to your time management madness?

PS– if you liked the video here is the article on Sparring Mind mentioned in it that also links to a ton of studies and tips.

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