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Waiting for Nemo. Blizzard 2013

Last updated at 7:oo 11:17 PM 2/8/13

I watched the grey sky swirling above, mesmerized  on my way home from work this morning. We’ve already had a few spits of snow and the storm is being touted as a possibly historic blizzard and while I have a hard time believing forecasts if they are even halfway right we’re looking at a lot of snow.

I’m going to post all my storm pictures here so if you visit on Friday or Saturday you may want to check back again!


Before the storm: 7-9 AM

My test for today was cancelled so I stocked up on food (we really had no food left) and fuel before I came home from work.

It really wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be.

I didn’t have my camera at the gas station but believe me when I tell you it was PACKED! The 15 minute wait for the pump would have sped by if I had my trusty Canon with me but I settled in to people watch instead.

Here’s a few pictures of the yard before the snow as a point of reference, a few empty shelves at the grocery store and two Stop and Shop employees who were smiling and cheerful despite the lines and early hour.

Waiting for Nemo. Blizzard 2013 via @cmckane

Into the Breach: 6 PM

Yes I’m a geek and had to say that! Sadly, I passed out until about 5 PM and when I woke up I realized something tragic- I have NO hot chocolate! What good will two bags of marshmallows do me now!? The house is full of cooking, cleaning, and the constant drone of weather updates. The plows are scraping, the wind is whistling, and I’m settling in to enjoy the night!

6 PM Update. The wind is picking up & the ground is covered but it is way warmer than it has been! Finding Nemo Blizzard 2013. AnnuaryChit.com

Baby come down: 9-11 PM

I can’t imagine driving right now since even standing on the porch I couldn’t always see across the yard. I took to Twitter and harassed my family tonight and will probably go outside one more time tonight (but with at least a long-sleeved shirt on this time!).

More blizzard updates from AnnuaryChit.com

Recent tweets:

You have to watch this parody it is so funny!

We’ll see how long I stay awake, if we lose power, and how many marshmallows I enjoy! If you’re in the path of the blizzard stay safe and warm!

And why are we naming all these storms again?

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