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Blizzard 2013. Nemo’s still here.

Updated 10:00 PM 2/9/13

Yesterday I posted about waiting for Nemo but the updates were making it too long so here I am starting a brand new one for Saturday. Click here to see what we got up to right before the storm and up until the power went out.

That’s right we lost power! And not for a few minutes either.


12 AM

 Nemo at Midnight. Blizzard 2013 updates via annuarychit.com

2 AM

I got comfy on the couch and turned on Suits when the power went out. A few minutes later it came back on and I patiently waited for the satellite to reboot and started to watch Suits again when the power cut off for the second time. What a tease! And now I’m afraid to try to watch it again.

11 AM

Blizzard 2013. Saturday AM with no power via @cmckane


Yes, that was the first thing I said. It was a joke, mostly. My younger sister said “heat! heat! heat!”. Clearly I had my priorities right!

12 PM

With promises of homemade hot chocolate Bebe and I braved the outdoors to clean off the cars. Well, I really didn’t care about that but wanted to take pictures and check everything out.

Next time I’ll plan my outfit more carefully you think after over a decade in New England I’d have a snow suit or whatever people wear to stay warm. It wasn’t the two layers of pants, the rain boots, or the scarf around my head that was a problem. Even the lab goggles and board shorts kept me warm and dry but it was the hobo gloves that killed me. I had to come back in & get special gloves. Glad I have sisters that plan ahead.

We harassed our neighbors and played in the street. I’m hoping to get outside once more before the sun goes down but we’ll see.

Noon clean up during Nemo Blizzard via @cmckane at annuarychit.com

4 PM

I went back out one last time before the sun set and realized I missed out on something magical. The parking ban was lifted at four which meant I couldn’t walk down the middle of the streets and take all the time I wanted to avoid falling and taking all the pictures I wanted. Instead I turned around halfway from downtown because I kept slip sliding and didn’t want to risk my camera dying!

Cleaning up from Blizzard 2013 via @cmckane

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