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College Tips: Social media as homework tool


Social Media for Homework via @cmckaneSpring semester started last Tuesday and I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. One way I’ve found to cut down my researching for papers has been to visit the internet. Honest!

I don’t do all my studying or sourcing papers online but with so many papers available on the internet (Google Scholar is my friend) it makes writing papers much easier.

Here are three social media sites I visit but if you use social media to study or do homework I’d love it if you commented and told me about them.



I love Pinterest, the major time waster, but I started to use it last semester for good and not just evil random pinning. I made a board to pin bookmarks and project ideas for my World History and British Literature classes.  It helped me to keep track of my ideas and then compare them all at once.

This semester I’m taking British Literature and World History again but also added on Microbiology. I have two big projects and know Pinterest will be helpful. That is if I can avoid getting sucked into all the yummy recipes and tiny house plans.

Here’s my Semester Board though I might make a separate one for Microbiology.


Yes, I use Wikipedia but never as a source since anyone can alter the entries. I do search topics on Wikipedia though and check the references. Sometimes I’ve found a treasure trove with hearty lists of articles and books that I then check out for myself. I normally don’t count Wikipedia as social media but its collaborative nature which can effect its accuracy also can add multiple perspectives on a topic and more sources to check out.

Last semester I couldn’t find information for a paper anywhere and was disappointed when Wikipedia looked promising but all its sources led back to one blog post that turned around and referenced Wikipedia. That is why I may use Wikipedia to wrap my brain around a subject and get a general overview but I never use it when writing papers except for reference researching.


I use blogs just like Wikipedia. To get a head start on finding related articles and books. There are plenty of well-researched blogs and the ones that share their references are gems. Personally, I’ve only referenced a blog post in one paper and rarely will because even if it is excellently researched blogs are fluid. Chances of a scholar journal being pulled is minimal but how many blogs are here and gone in a matter of months? Not to mention posts can be edited as well and then you may be linking to something else entirely!

In a nutshell

  • Pinterest: Visual bookmarking

  • Wikipedia: Overview & reference REsearching

  • Blog posts: Reference REsearching

What other social media outlets can you think of or use for schooling resources? Do you use any sites in unique ways? Leave a comment and let me know.

One Response to College Tips: Social media as homework tool

  1. Never thought of Pinterest in such way!.. I’m thinking of going back to school this year.. I’ll keep in mind your post and use all these tips! 🙂 Now I can think of writing a paper being actually fun.. 🙂