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January Writing Goals


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My writing goals are simple this month. I hope by keeping it simple I won’t get as distracted as usual and feel like I’m making progress.

Write and submit one short story
Yep, I’m attempting the Write 1 Sub 1 challenge for the third time. Although, I’ve never walked away with 12 stories making the submission rounds I’m looking forward to giving it another shot. I’ll babble on about the challenge more next week.

Organize my writing notebooks
I’ve already tackled this in the first week. Yay! The piles of binders and notebooks was overwhelming but I tore through it. Now I have a HUGE pile of loose paper in a box that are full of strange fragments. I decided I’ll be buying Dragon NaturallySpeaking software and after I figure out how to use it transcribing all my notes and stories.

That will be a major undertaking for another day.

Finish one scene from NaNoWriMo
If I get more done awesome; but it isn’t my priority this month.

Schedule 15 blog posts
I’ve already got 5 done! I’d like to have more scheduled since I’m on winter vacation but 15 will make me stoked!

What are your writing goals this month?

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