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100 Push Ups for 31 days: Done

Photo by bobsfever on flickr
photo by bobsfever on flickr

I completed one of my goals for 31@31!

Doing 100 push ups a day seemed to be something near impossible for me a lazy, out of shape gal but instead it has really been fun and fired me up to make more fitness goals.

In October I did 100 push ups every day! Sorry I got caught up with NaNoWriMo and homework last month and forgot to post this!

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100 Push Ups in 31 days

While I did 100 push ups a day I’m not going to stop there! 

A few days before the end of the month as a joke a coworker and I did some squats… I don’t remember what the joke was but at four o’clock in the morning I find everything funny! When I was sore the next day from the joke (plus squatting quite a bit at cousin’s photo shoot) I had an epiphany and started adding squats in too.

November 1st I did take it easy and only did 25 of each exercise but am now working towards 100 standard push ups a day. Each day I’m adding more standard push ups into each set and feel it has increased my strength (I mentioned before) and giving me a sense of accomplishment I didn’t expect but certainly welcome.

That doesn’t mean I have zero concerns. I need to watch my joints, they are very loose and easy to overextend. Plus, I thought by day 31 (not to mention I started doing push ups daily over 4 months ago) it would be so much easier but I still can’t do more than 40 modified push ups in a row.

That’s okay maybe it will be my next fitness goal 🙂

Gearing up for vacation where I’m going to attempt the rock wall for the first time. Hope all these push ups help a bit!

3 Responses to 100 Push Ups for 31 days: Done

  1. 100 push-ups a day! I am impressed. I tried a push-up challenge myself, so I know how difficult it is. I started to feel pain in my elbow, but continued on. I ended up with tendonitis and had to abandon the challenge altogether. Be careful. If you feel any pain at all be sure to take a couple of days off.
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    • Oh no! Sounds painful; have you recovered? I was worried about that because when I first started I had a few twinges but I changed up my styles a bit and it helped.

      My vacation really interfered with my daily push ups so I’m a little of the loop but am slowly easing back into it!
      Chit recently posted..January Writing GoalsMy Profile