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Roman Epitaphs



Last week I mentioned I’ll be reading a lot for my classes this month.  And I’m quickly noticing it is far too easy to get carried away during research! We were talking about the decline of the Roman Empire and how morale (not to mention morals) were at an all time low.

You can still buy the book but it is rather steep!

I found a bunch of epitaphs in this book, one with the phrase that became commonly used, “I was not, I was, I am not, I have no more desires”. There is even an article from European Journal of Archaeology that studies Roman life through its inscriptions.

Many of the epitaphs ranged from grieving husbands to those warning others away from their remains.  Here is a list of 10 MEMORABLE EPITAPHS FROM THE ANCIENT WORLD. The example below is sad and makes you wonder what Mevia Sophe and her husband’s life was like.

Click to tweet⇒  What I ate and drank is with me here; what I left behind is gone forever.

I’ve never thought of what message I’d like to leave behind if any at all.

What about you? What would your Roman Epitaph say?

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