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100 pushups: First Check in

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I mentioned my goal to go from zero to a hundred pushups in 10 months. Too bad that isn’t going to happen anymore. Since I’m already up to 100 a day now!

While October isn’t even halfway through I’ve been doing 100 hundred pushups for the past 10 days and it is extremely motivating. I’ve updated my original post but the idea of gradually adding ten more pushups every day went out the window in September when I started getting antsy to do more.

Is October going to be the month I hit my #100pushups challenge?

I’m not sure. I didn’t plan to start doing it but I’m going to keep doing it feeling no pressure since I’m so far ahead of schedule. Guess that shows sometimes planning can take the fun out of a challenge.

Here are some boring October stats for you

  • I’m doing modified (or girl pushups) but am starting to do a small amount of standard a day
  • I do regular, triceps, and diamond presses
  • I usually do 25 at a time with four sets throughout the day
  • Two of those are usually right before I go to bed*
  • The most I’ve done at once is 40

If I complete 100 pushups every day

  • I’ll still need to do one more day in November
  • I’ll be beyond pumped!
  • I’ll start adding more standard pushups

*I’m going to try to do more pushups when I wake up instead of before bed since my sleep pattern has been even worse than lately.

What about you? How are you doing on your challenges?

Check out this awesome guide on The Art of Manliness with videos for 35 different push ups! I’ve done the knuckle one a few times unintentionally 🙂

4 Responses to 100 pushups: First Check in

  1. I am doing a push-up challenge. I took a break a week ago after I woke up with a sore bisep. I couldn’t do even one push-up. I’ve been doing standard and think I will switch to half standard and half girl push-ups. Perhaps I will be less lucky to hurt myself. BTW – 100 is awesome. I just did 16 standard. Boo! I have a long way to go.

  2. I used to tease the girl in the dorm room next to mine in college, because she only needed to be able tot do 3 push ups to keep her ROTC scholarship. At the time, I was good for quite a few. Now I’m so weak! lol I’m trying to rebuild my arm muscles, too.

    Good luck on your goals!
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