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Writing Goals for 31 at 31


Later this week my 31@31 begins in earnest and 8 of my 31 goals are writing related. Some of them overlap which is a good thing because I might being a tad ambitious for my schedule.

31 days of journaling

I’ve tried to keep a journal off and on since I was a young teen. I always thought if I couldn’t so it every day than I was doing it wrong. Now I know that’s not the case but in the spirit of a challenge I’m going to attempt 31 days of consecutive journaling. I might even incorporate another goal, 31 days of introspection.

3 + 1 ebooks (or novellas) + a novel

I’ve never written an eBook have you? Even when there was a challenge on a blogging forum I visit I couldn’t seem to wrap my head around it. I think my biggest eBook hang up was what to write. At the time I was blogging but it wasn’t anything that I could picture converting into eBook format. But since I started blogging here again I’ve got a few ideas. Whether it’s one or two I’m not sure yet.

I’m actually halfway through a novella so I want to finish it and start querying it.

NaNoWriMo will help me get a novel started but my goal is to FINISH one this year. It was supposed to be the sequel to last year’s NaNo novel but since that is unfinished I might be a rebel and continue working on that this year! This also counts as my writing challenges goal.

31 blog hops & memes

Writing? Yes, I thought hopping along might be fun plus great creativity prompts. So far I’m only doing Calm My Crazy from According to Denise.

Do you have a favorite prompt or meme?

3 Writing Challenges + 1 NaNoWriMo

I love challenges. They motivate when you might otherwise be unmotivated. I’ve been doing both StoryADay in May and NaNoWrimo for the past few years and am looking forward to do both again this year. Which means I’ve got to find two more!

31 Short Stories

It doesn’t have to be consecutive but StoryADay in May or now in September will really help me to get some good drafts.

3 Writing Contests + 1 Class

I’ve signed up for one contest so far this year and while I didn’t win I made it through the first round and that was encouraging. I share contests I find on Twitter @cmckane but am always looking for more.

31 {Word Project}

An as of yet unnamed project. More about it later!

31 days of Blogging

What writing goals would be complete without a blogging challenge. The only monthly blogging challenge I can think of off the top of my head is in November the same as NaNoWriMo so that won’t work.

My next step is printing out a yearly calendar and figuring out how I can do all 31 goals!

Those are my yearly goals.  Chances are yours started in January so share your goals and how they’re going!

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    • yes! I still can’t believe I’m not 12 anymore. That is probably when I stopped growing. I’ve been attempting yearly bucket lists since 29 with limited “success” but having a blast trying.

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