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Travel Naps


As long as you’re not driving taking naps while traveling this can be a great why to stay calm while traveling.

Doze on the plane

Instead of fuming over the flirty cab driver who dropped you off at the wrong terminal or wondering if you’ll miss your connecting flight rest amongst the space cotton in the sky.

Snooze on the train

Don’t worry about the couple arguing behind you or the smelly man who ignored all the empty seats to squeeze next to you. Just tuck your $5 suitcase under your knees and dream of time-traveling locomotives. {But not like this shuttle ride from an episode of Doctor Who- that’d be a nightmare!}

Snore in the car

Please don’t do this if you happen to be eating a Snickers Ice Cream bar unless you like cleaning up chocolate messes. Otherwise go ahead and add your natural bass to the music.

Do you like the doggy picture?

He is the cutest, most mellow dog and he started playing peek-a-boo with me before he dozed off when we drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway for a bit.  It is kind of sad that even dogs hide from my camera!

Do you like travel naps too?

So did Leonardo da Vinci!  Napping isn’t for everyone but it can recharge you in any circumstance especially when you are busy on the go while traveling.

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