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Story A Day: September 2012


I’ve blabbed about the writing challenge before on this blog so you probably already know how much I enjoy the May writing frenzy. I shared some thoughts at the end of May 2012, did a round up during StoryFest, and even mentioned there was something big coming this September last week.

Are you ready to write a Story a Day this September?

Check out this announcement post over a StoryaDay.org and dive right in!

How I’m doing the writing challenge.

It’s back to school for me too this September and while I’m not taking Microbiology as planned I’m taking two online  classes (history and brit lit) and am not sure how much free time I’ll have to write and blog.  So here are my goals:

  • write 5 days a week minimum. bonus if I do more!
  • follow at least 1 prompt a week.
  • work on my regency collection (from May!)
  • write shorts from my novel’s world.
I haven’t decided if I’m using my storyaday blog or not yet but will add any links to posts here.  If you just want to keep up with my writing updates bookmark annuarychit.com/writes or subscribe to my writing category. {I’m not sure how to subscribe to category alone exactly but I think it should work}


Are you writing this September?



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