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Prepping for NaNoWriMo 2012!


I know it seems early but November is right around the corner and with it is National Novel Writing Month.

This time last year link I knew what I was going to write and I planned for it. I never finished the story. I kept stopping and starting writing in jerky attempt and every time I got into a groove I’d get stuck. Whether it was because I had between murky descriptions or the fact that the story meant too much to me I waffled lest I take a wrong turn.

Recently, I mentioned how fear was hindering my short story link and now I realize it has been playing with my writing far longer than I thought.

NaNo Options

  • Be a rebel and finish last year’s novel.
  • A completely new project
  • Be a rebel and do an eBook &/or Novella combo.

Looks like I have greater chance of becoming a rebel than anything else.

Over the next few weeks I’ll flush out all three options because come September not only am I back in school I’ll be working on my characters!

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