A chit's yearly list of nonsense

My Cruise Camera Gear


Some I have and some I’d like before I go on my cruise.  Need to start saving now for a new lens!


I have a kit like this one somewhere need to find it especially for the UV protector.

Backup battery and Extra Charger

I have an extra battery I got from Deal Extreme last year but it is dying besides the fact I can’t find it!  I’ve been thinking of getting an actual Canon battery but am tempted to go with cheaper. If I get a cheap battery, like this Opteka battery pack, I’m going to get a cheap charger for it too!

Memory cards

I need to round up all the ones I have now but I know most are full! That means I might have to grad a few more.

USB sticks

Just like the memory cards I need to format and figure out how much I have. I know most of my keys are full. I’m not sure how long the sale is on but I’m tempted to get the 16 GB USB on sale for 10.99 or even the 32 GB for 19.51.


Only a slight possibility but I’m hoping for an Asus.  I’ve been watching one since last Black Friday!

Disposable waterproof camera

This is a definite. We’re only going snorkeling one day which makes me hesitate to invest in a nice waterproof camera.

Digital waterproof camera

This is the one I’d LOVE if I was going to break down and get a digital.  It’d be great because I could use it to shoot video and use it not just under the water. If it comes down between this and a new lens; the lens would win.

Canon XSi with kit lens

This is my current body and primary lens. The lens is okay but I have a small scratch and I’d like a bigger range to take sunrise shots from the balcony.



A New lens {I can dream can’t I}

I’ll admit I’m a bit confused about the differences in lenses so I’m not sold on any lens yet. I’d like a standard zoom and it HAS to have image stabilization. I’m adding any possible lenses to my Pinterest Board Camera Cake to keep track of them all!  Halp


Ziplock bags

I love my ziploc bags {and their generic relatives}. I’ll be stuffing a whole box with me on the trip and carry one on excursions because it’s better to be prepared.

A camera bag

I’m thinking of carrying my backpack. While I love Kelly Moore Bags and always enter giveaways I’m not sure I’d want to take one on the cruise. Or I could buy a Camera Insert
and make my own. Still trying to figure this one out.

Since I don’t even have a laptop that will most likely not happen. In that case I will really, really need to bring a boat load of memory cards. Can you use the boat’s computers to transfer files? If you can than I’d bring my usb keys for storage.

In cases like this I wish the XSi shot video than I’d feel less of a need to get a new point and shoot. Though my sister is bringing hers so that’s not high on my list. So that is my list so far.

Am I forgetting anything?


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