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750 Words. Online tool to keep you writing


One of the resources that helped me make it through story a day last May was this handy site. No bells, no whistles, just pure writing.  I remember trying it out last NaNoWriMo but it wasn’t until I got the NOOK as a surprise that I really dived in.  That doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned my pen and notebooks but it’s convenience cannot be ignored.

The goal

Write 750 words every day

If you could see my stats so far this month you know I have been struggling with that but I signed up for a reminder email every morning to get writing.  (I’m going to call that a bell because I think that is nifty to remind me)

Write consistently with stats
Here”s another bell– at the day’s end you can review all sorts of stats. This can really get you motivated to write more, faster, or smarter.

Write consistently with others
Here’s a whistlea monthly challenge to keep up the writing habit.  Plus a plethora of ways you can get awesome badges.

Notice my lies?
While it is a simple (clean sounds better don’t you think) 750 Words has plenty of bells and whistles all that help writers of all sorts.

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Speaking of Writing

I know I mentioned this Kickstarter before but wanted to give another shout out for Unidentified Funny Objects Anthology which has about one thousand dollars and five days left to raise it. If you like humorous science fiction and fantasy check it out!

Questions for you

Have you used the site before? What did you like/dislike? And did you ever sign up for the monthly challenge? I signed up in June and failed right away!

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    • Not low standards at all! I’ve been trying to stick with three days a week blogging but I’m closer than two a week.

      By the way lip balm that expensive shouldn’t break! Have a great weekend 🙂
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