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31 days of 100 push ups

Push ups by Bobs Fever on Flickr
Photo Credit: Robert McGoldrick/ bobsfever on Flickr

But, but, 100 push ups a day isn’t safe!
While there are differing opinions I’m not planning on doing 100 at once but spread throughout the day.  Plus, I’m listening to my body and really trying to practice good body mechanics. I don’t want to injury myself- it will play havoc with my goal!

Why I want to do 100 push ups a day
At first I was going to say 10 push ups for 31 days. But that’s even too easy for me! I’m doing 20 right now and feel amped up to do more.  I thought it would be an good motivator and since I started with baby steps last month I find I can’t go to sleep if I hadn’t got my push ups in for the day.

I’d like to slowly go from “girl” push ups to standard and perhaps even diamond. We’ll see what the next few months bring!

Monthly Goals/Stats

August  20     done!
September 30 done!
October 40 working on it! day 12 of 100 a day! Read my first check in here.
November 50
December 60
January 70
Febuary 80
March 90
**April** 100 a day attempt 1!
May 100 {might add sit ups at this point we’ll see!}
June 100
July 100
August ? 

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