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Watching Musicals Calms my Crazy


This is my third calm my crazy post and while the past two, photography and enjoying nature require I exert energy, watching movies is a great way to relax after a long night at work or on one of those rainy days where you shluf around the house restless and whiny. Oh you never get like that? Humph.

What is it about musicals that make them so relaxing, so capable of putting a smile on your face? 

Let me qualify this right here there are some, alright many, musicals that do NOT have this positive effect on me.  Whether it’s the depressing Carousel or Show Boat, though both do have some absolutely smashing sounds, or the cringe worthy I can’t say I like them all.

In no particular order here are three of my favourites


Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

This 1954 musical is seven romances in one. When the handsome Howard Keel (Adam) snags a beautiful bride she finds a brood of mountain men waiting for some home cooking. Courtship, barn raising, even an angry posse makes this one of my all time favorites. Did I mention the dancing too?  Here’s a clip of Adam on the prowl in town for a wife!

Which finally made it to stage!  This was another movie that my family watched over and over. We even had the soundtrack to sing along to in the car. No matter what the stars like Christian Bale or Robert Duvall might think of the movie now it was a cult classic. I even remember kids singing it at school!

The Pirates of Penzance

This Broadway to movie starring the incorrigible Kevin Kline as the Pirate King is another movie we watched often (as in frequently). My younger sister and I would never complain about sore legs or knees when we tried to master Catlike Tread and it is a movie that just thinking about puts a smile on my face. If you’ve never seen this watch and try to sing along with the Major-General!

How does this relate to today’s topic of photography?

By the skin of my teeth.  One idea I’m percolating for my 31@31 bucket list is to have three photo shoots and I’m tossing around themes.  I’ve been leaning towards fairy tales and myths but wouldn’t a musical theme like Singing in the Rain be neat?!

One Photo Shoot Idea

The Pirate King reminisces.  I’d love to get an outfit similar to this for my very own pirate model (ie strong-arm a cousin into a shoot) and have the now settled down pirate on the beach looking out longingly at the sea.

This outfit + beach = awesome.  Having a shipwreck in the background would bump it up to EPIC!  See how watching a musical on a crummy day can not only get me singing but thinking of new, err borrowed, ideas for photography.

What musicals do you love or hate?
And what calms your crazy?

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12 Responses to Watching Musicals Calms my Crazy

  1. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE The Pirates of Penzance! I remember going to the theater as a kid to see it with my parents. My Dad was a huge Linda Ronstadt fan and so naturally we had to see it. Then we had it at home to watch over and over and over. I need to get that movie for my house.
    Denise recently posted..Calm My Crazy: Family VacationMy Profile

    • I know we grew up with it and have tried to get any younger relatives hooked on to it too! My mom was a huge Linda fan too and I remember always saying “there’s Agatha Cristie” (for Angela Lansbury in Murder She Wrote).

      Get it!
      Chit recently posted..Writing Detours: Fear as an ObstacleMy Profile

    • I have a confession- I’ve never seen RENT! Did you cry when you saw it because I hate crying? I have only seen a few musicals on stage and one was Phantom (which is always upsetting by the end but soooo good).

      Yes, Pirates is Gilbert & Sullivan and one of their best!
      Chit recently posted..Signs Your Pinterest is HackedMy Profile

  2. I know one very important one C has forgotten, Pebble and the Penguin. This is a childhood favorite when sick or going to sleep.