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Walking in Wachusett


Nature Walks Calms My Crazy

Way back in April I went for a walk in the woods.  Twice in one week in fact!  We all met up near Wachusett Reservoir to ramble down the short paved trail that had once been a railway.  Paved you say! How is that natural?  I think for many who have baby strollers or are wheelchair bound having rail trails is a wonderful way to experience a bit of nature.

Why is walking in the woods so calming?

That is a question scientists and nature lovers alike have asked.  An article in The Globe and Mail brought up some interesting thoughts on how and why “forest bathing” or a walk in the woods is good for us.

“But the most powerful benefits, a new study suggests, may result from the way trees and birds and sunsets gently tug – but never grab – at our attention.”

I found a few comments on this Google+ post by Neuroscientist Ward Plunet to be interesting.  One that points out walking in itself has a good effect on our moods. 

No Dogs in the Water

Walking in the woods calms me

Because every step away from the bustle of modern living re-engages my senses.  The trickle of running water and bird calls make a natural symphony.  It reminds me of long days exploring in the woods pretending to be part of Robin Hoods band.  And it recharges my creative side.  After all when you start looking at moss and imagining Cookie Monster’s cousin Moss maybe it’s time to turn off the TV and get out more!

Cookie Monster's Cousin: Moss

SlideShow from Wachusett Reservoir

Here are a few more pictures from the two visits in April.  The second one we went “off path” and stumbled upon many beautiful and fascinating sites including ruins of a mill and village.  Even if I came home with a pet tick it was worth it!

According To Denise

This is my second Calm My Crazy post.  The first one was about how Photography keeps me sane.  So what keeps you sane?  If you want to keep up with more posts like this you can sign up for weekly email updates.

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  1. Love the expression “Forest Bathing” how perfect… soothing like a bubble bath and refreshing like the woods. I agree with you, the woods are wonderfully renewing. They make me think that anything is possible because of how amazing nature really is.
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