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Photo Tips for Cruise Vacations


One of my yearly bucket list goals is to visit 3 states and 1 country. Going on my first cruise will surely help make that goal easier to attain. I should be worrying about getting into shape, saving money, or at the very least getting my passport but instead I’ve scoured cruise message boards and the rest of the web for cruising photography tips.

Based on an inordinate amount of research this is what I’ve gleaned so far:

    • Pack as light as you can without regretting what you leave behind
      It won’t be worth it to you or those you’re with if you lament not bringing a certain lens with you the whole time.
    • Know your photography expectations
      Is this a family cruise? Will you be the only one taking shots of sunsets, waiters, local food? Are you going with a bunch of other photographers?
    • Plan your excursions
      Are you going snorkeling? Do you need an underwater camera and will a disposable be all you need? Doing walking tours will afford plenty of local shots.
    • Come prepared
      Some recommend bringing a laptop to store all your pictures at the end of the day. Do you have all the cables, filters, batteries, and forms of media storage? Don’t forget Ziploc bags!

I’m a cruise and a photography novice so I would love your input on what to bring and how to enjoy taking pictures on my first cruise.

Here are a few articles I found that you might enjoy

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My cruise photography gear list is coming soon. Though it might be more of a wishlist than anything!

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