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Does: Peabody Farmers Market


Peabody’s Saturday Farmers Market

Somehow I coaxed my sisters out of the house and into a walk with me down to the Peabody Institute Library to check out the Farmers Market on Saturday.  We probably should have checked the weather first.  You’ll have to enjoy a picture of Queen Anne Lace from our walk there instead of my sisters perturbed faces since they refused to let me post it.  But take my word for it they weren’t happy with the melancholy sky.

We decided to chance the grey skies and keep walking and it was only when we stopped for cash did the pitter-patter of rain come.  It went just as quickly thank goodness.  I already lost one camera because of the rain.  We weren’t sure what to expect and I think we were all surprised to see an array of tents and tables.

They were full of yummy goodness like fresh produce, lobster, wine, I think cheese and natural food too.  I say I think because silly me didn’t expect to see books and I spent most of my time poring over the titles are the rain began to spit again and threatened to pour on us all.  I did get a book (how could I not!).  I saw Swords Against The Senate: The Rise Of The Roman Army And The Fall Of The Republic and hoped it had a little about Nero since I’m still polishing a flash piece about him but it is a little before his time.

By the time I started looking around at everything not related to books my sisters told me they wanted to start walking home afraid we’d get soaked if we stayed much longer.  I promised to try to be fast and they rushed off to find indoor shopping so I didn’t get to look at all the amazing woodwork or the cute, vibrant paintings.  But I did make them wait when I saw a table full of bath decadence.

While her website is under construction you can find more pictures of the handmade soap and other body treats at her fan page.  I bought a ginger flower bar with scrubbie and she was giving out lip balms for free.  I took the hemp oil one and have been trying out with happy results.

Do you live near Peabody Mass?

Don’t feel bad if you missed the market there are plenty more to choose from.  On Saturdays, July 7th TO September 29th (NOT INCLUDING Labor Day) the Farmers Market is at Peabody Institute Library on Main Street from 10am to 2pm. Can’t make the weekend? Go to between 2pm to 7pm from June 12th TO October 23rd at Leather City Common, 55 Lowell Street.  I only found out about it because Peabody Institute Library posted on Facebook that morning.

I had planned to post all the yummy Korean food from our trip to New Jersey but look forward to that next week and in the meantime check out your local Farmers Market.

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  1. Saturday sharefest led me here and boy am I glad I found you. Love your blog and this latest post was very nice.

  2. I love going to the local city market, no matter what city I’m in. My parents took us at least once a month growing up in Kansas City, we loved it. They would wake us up a 0 dark thirty to go, but once we got there, we had a blast. I’m moving back to KC and it’s the first place I plan on taking my husband, and blogging about. Visiting from SITS, have a great weekend.
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    • Yeah my sister works in Boston and used to bring veggies home from a big market there. It seems like each town around me has market at least once during the week.

      That recipe looks scrumptious. Thanks for stopping by!
      Chit recently posted..Walking in WachusettMy Profile