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Does: Paper Crafts


With Pinterest being a HUGE treasure trove of craft ideas I picked a couple to try out on craft night a few weeks ago.  We had a ton of fun and while it was a lackadaisical night we learned a few tricks to be a bit more organized and prepared for our next attempt.

I attempted to make paper vases by upcycling old books

Source: countryliving.com via C on Pinterest

Lesson I learned:  Have the required tools

I used a kitchen knife while I commandeered my mother to try it too and she used a box cutter. Neither were as exact as I’d imagine the exacto knife would have been.  While they didn’t come out at ALL like the Country Living article it was fun and I’d do it again.  I did notice that neither of our vases opened up quite the same as in the magazine and I tried a host of different ways of gluing it.

Have you tried this one yourself? Any suggestions?

Source: ctbakerintheacres.com via C on Pinterest

Another paper craft I found through the addictive Pinterest site was origami bookmarks. I always need a bookmark or three!  And to jazz up the said bookmarks I made these origami heart bookmarks and glued them on.

Source: bloomize.com via C on Pinterest

Lesson learned: You don’t have to follow all directions but make sure to follow the necessary ones

When making the bookmarks and the heart origami I didn’t measure my squares, I just eyeballed them. This is fine and it still worked but the shape was not as spot on as it should be. Taking that tiny step made the bookmarks look and fit nicer on the pages.

We did the bookmarks sans monsters since we didn’t have all the goods needed but had fun making them. We followed the template in the post as well as the video mentioned in the comments.  Last minute I searched for and found this easy template to make cute little hearts.  I’ve seen gone a bit heart crazy!

Maybe next time I’ll make hearts & monsters.

These are all simple crafts that any can enjoy making. We served ice coffee with a splash of disaronno and a bowl of m&m’s which made it even more enjoyable.

Here’s my Paper and Books Crafts board.

Have you tried any? Share your craftiness with me!

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  1. The monster bookmarks are my favorite! I’m sure I have those pinned to one of my boards. I haven’t tried to make them, but should. It would be a fun project for my daughter and I.