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Baby Steps: Push Up Challenge


Next month I’ll be 31. Yep. I’m an old maid. Perhaps I should change the picture of an elderly lady {me} shuffling along the boardwalk.

For the past few years I’ve been attempting a yearly bucket list. In fact, that was this site’s original purpose. When it comes to making goals I’m the type that tends to think of the end results and not all the grunt work to attain the goals.

I’m taking baby steps now to reach some of my 31@31 goals.  

I’ll be posting my progress on Wednesdays whether it is a chart to show my push up count, my story pile, or even trips I’ve taken. Plus, I’ll share all 31 things I’d like to accomplish at 31… that is as soon as I finish picking my list!

31 days of 100 Push ups

Yep. That’s on my list. But I can’t go from zero to 100. Just thinking about it makes me break out into a sweat just not the workout kind more like the deathly ill kind. So to pump me up and make my goal attainable I started doing 10 push ups a day.

Just 10 for every day this month. But then every month I’ll tack on another ten until April 2013 when I’ll attempt 100 push ups a day! That still leaves me four months in case I don’t hit my goal the first time around.

Why 100 push ups a day?

Well I thought of doing only 31 days of ten push ups but don’t think it would be nearly as much of a challenge. I’ll share all nitty-gritty and monthly updates starting next month. Here’s a rather unique look at failing a 100 push up challenge and how that can equate to financial as well as fitness goals. Plus the picture it rad!

What baby steps are you taking towards a goal?

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  1. “I’m the type that tends to think of the end results and not all the grunt work to attain the goals.” ME TOO! It makes for more interesting blog posts, for sure! But it does make life a little more challenging overall.

    Love your push up goal! I hope you rock it!
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