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Write: May 2012 Stats


This was a productive month yay! I’ve already blabbed about the writing challenge I did and my recap. I submitted a flash to WoW flash contest and wrote multiple stories.

I hope to keep the ball rolling this month. Ideally, it should be easy to spend more time writing while I’m on summer break but I tend to get lazier with free time.

June Goals

Write 5 days a week (that’s 21 days)
Submit one story
Submit one poem
Work on NaNo’11 for 10 days
Redo one children’s story
One short a month

To keep motivated if I make ALL my goals I’m going to treat myself. The thing is I’m not sure what I should do.

Should I get myself a writing or photography eBook?  Take and then print out some pictures for my room? I love the print to canvas but think that’d be for bigger goals.  Or maybe a some etsy goodie like this Sherlock necklace.

Let me know what your June writing goals are! (Now that June is halfway over 🙂

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