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WOW! Women on writing flash contest


My first submission since December 2011 (we can’t count class assignments right?) was right at the end of May. I submitted a short story (from my creative writing class) to a contest that I’ve been wanting to sub to over a year. I’d forget about it or scrap my submission but forced myself to enter the contest. I knew the longer I went the harder it would be to put my writing out there.

Wow! Women on Writing Flash Fiction contest in a nutshell:

  • Write a story 250-750 words
  • Pay $10 entry fee (or $20 if you’d like a critique)
  • Follow the guidelines
  • Twenty chances to win

The worst part with submitting is realizing you failed to follow the directions and the piece you sweated over never got read!

Bummed you missed their spring contest? Don’t be because they have four contests a year and you can enter summer 2012 now!  Happy Writing!

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