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Summertime at Salem Willows


I’ve blogged about the seaside park before so won’t go into detail about what it’s like. Just wanted to share a few shots I got there on a very sunny but cool day. Sorry I didn’t get a picture of my partially sunburnt face.  I spent a few hours strolling from one bench to the next watching people, squirrels, boats, and birds while we talked the morning away.  It was such a lovely day even if we got sunburnt and then spent the rest of the afternnon at the doctorand hospital to make sure my mother hadn’t broken her foot the day before.. she had.

Couples, walking buddies, mommy’s with shy sons, and wheelchair ridden fisherman all went about their day at the park.  A park that became more awake when the arcades opened and buzzing when the food stands did too.

We didn’t hang around for chop suey sandwhiches but I’m sure before the season ends we’ll make it back.

Do you have any parks nearby that you love to visit or always say you will?  Take a picture and share it I’d love to see it.

Here’s a slideshow full of all my Salem Willow pictures on Flickr

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