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Calm My Crazy: Photography can soothe, calm, and captivate


According To DeniseDenise over at according to denise started this meme and I’m going to give it a shot this week.  What’s Calm My Crazy about?

She says it’s:  a place to write about something soothing, calming, something that lifts me up.  Something that can make me stop and be happy in the midst of all the chaos of life.

At first I thought it was called Call me Crazy and said hey I can relate to that!  But I think this meme fits perfectly with my Photography theme on Fridays 1.

So what calms my crazy?  Taking pictures of mundane things, harassing friends and family or imagining elaborate photo shoots relaxes me when things get intense.  I’m not saying I’m good at it but I love capturing something on film that can tell a story.


Going to the nearby ocean, parks, or woods is magical on its own.  But add a camera, any kind, and you can capture a tiny bit of nature’s magic.  Not to sound ghoulish but I also like visiting and taking pictures of old cemeteries.  It’s peaceful, full of history, and an example of nature slowly reclaiming those who came before.

Taking Drive By pics calms you on a long drive

I’ve always loved looking out the window on road trips.  When we used to travel up and down the windy Tennessee roads my younger sister and I played games (if we weren’t fighting of course).  Other than pretending to drive we’d count how many of this or that passed by.  That meant we were looking out the windows a lot trying to soak everything in.

I still keep a sharp eye out for dirt roads and imagine where it leads.  With a camera in hand you can challenge yourself to get a somewhat decent shot of the scenery that zooms by.  I have a soft spot for marshes and trucks (go figure).

Characters captivate

Recently, I realized I’m not a grown up. Okay, that’s not true I’ve known that all along.  As a kid I thought being a grown up meant you had to box up your imagination and pretend that you didn’t love watching cartoons or running through sprinklers anymore.  So no, I’m not that kind of grown up.

I’m the type that carries finger puppets like Totoro, Zombie Frank, and Super Mario Mushrooms around with me.  I take pictures of them on planes, at the beach, in a chocolate fountain or glass of wine at a 50th Anniversary.  These characters captivate not only me, who always feels like giggling in glee, but also those around who seem to jump whole heartedly into the shoots.  For the record the chocolate fountain was not my idea but it was a sweet one!

So when life gets a bit crazy try pulling out your camera to calm it all down

Works for me.  Unless it’s crazy because I dropped or otherwise maimed my camera but that’s another tale.

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You never know one person’s calm could be another’s crazy!

  1. though did you notice I accidentally scheduled my photography post a day early? whoops!

9 Responses to Calm My Crazy: Photography can soothe, calm, and captivate

  1. I love taking photos of nature. They are just so pretty to me. I’ve never done the character shots but I find them hilarious to see on other blogs, etc. I take most of my photos with my phone these days and I love them. Definitely can calm my crazy!
    Denise recently posted..Calm My Crazy: Lost In A BookMy Profile

  2. I really like this post. I turn 50 next year and am considering starting a project where I try to become a stronger person. For me part of being strong is the ability to remain calm under stress. I love the idea of calming my crazy and reading what works for others. I never would have thought of nature shots. Thanks for sharing