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Enchanting Photographer: Maciej Markiewicz


Enchanting Photographers found via PinterestI think I’ve established my love of Pinterest already but in case you didn’t know here’s a new series Enchanting Photographer where I’ll share some favorites from my board Enchanting Visuals.

I first saw Maciej Markiewicz’s artwork on Google+ where in the constant flow of amazing photography his lush landscapes always popped out.

Source: flickr.com via C on Pinterest

Next, I was happy to see him join Pinterest where he shared pins from many photo sites including flickr and 500px as well as direct links to buy his work.

Source: flickr.com via C on Pinterest

If you like moody clouds and grey water, sharp cliffs over magical seas, or hazy afternoon walks down golden paths then you should check this photographer out.  Click to Tweet about Maciej’s art.

Source: 500px.com via C on Pinterest

Visit his website Landscape.lu to learn more about the Luxembourg based landscape photographer.

I try to be a stickler about sources so if I’m featuring you and your work but the pins aren’t sourced correctly please don’t hesitate to contact me! Thanks for sharing your artwork with the rest of us.

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