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Poor Girl’s Trip to Korea: New Jersey Highlights


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I’m going through all the pictures, about 400, and my little notebook of quotes from our weekend devoted to all things Korean.  Bebe, my older sister, called it the Poor Girls Trip to Korea but I call it a great way to spend your money.  I think I was much more frugal last time but The Face Shop didn’t happen to have an amazing sale that time.


Here is a sampling of what we ate.  Look forward to my Food Log post.  I tried to write down all the names of the dishes and what everyone thought but sometimes the food was so good it was hard to think of anything else.  Hands down i love going to the bakery and trying all the scrumptious pastries and we couldn’t go without a little kimchi… okay a lot of kimchi!


Oh the shopping!  Like I already hinted at I went a bit mad this time around.  Here’s a picture, not the best I know, of the favorite shop, The Face Shop.  I’ll have a separate post all about our shopping experiences.  But the first picture of my little notebook (from Magic Castle) and pen (a gift from I don’t know where) were both from Broad Ave.


There’s no doubt that the food and the Face Shop were up there as the best parts of the trip but everyone had a few more favorites to share.  Too bad I left my notebook downstairs (I’ve only gone down for it THREE times).  So I’ll be updating this later 🙂

Here’s a hint of one of my favorite things:

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  1. I love the name of your “trip.” I should suggest an outing like this to my sister, who wants to live in Korea–this might be a good consolance for her until she makes it there!

  2. Love this! I’m in NJ and I used to live up near Fort Lee. I can’t get enough of Korean BBQ! NOMS.
    If you’re feeling adventurous…drive a little further south next time and take a trip to Japan in Edgewater at Mitsuwa 🙂

    Stopping by from SITS.
    BTW where do you live?
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