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Empty Kitchen Cupboards


Every once in a while (okay even longer than that) I get domestic and do something wonderful like clean my room.  Last week I did something far more industrious I cleaned out the cupboards.  I should qualify my proud statement (there’s also a quibble or two) and admit I only went through the shelves that were full of food.  I would need to be completely bored or furious to attack the piles of Tupperware and pans.

But the food oh how those cans of tomato paste and pineapples stack up!  I filled a box full of food for the grandparents but threw away anything that was expired or had no date.  It was a terrible waste.  At least five store bags full went to the dump but at least now the shelves had space.

organizing the kitchen

One of the fam said “well now we can fill it back up” while another worried about an impending zombie invasion and wanted to stockpile.  I had to say no to them both.

I don’t completely disagree with them but what’s the point in buying 10 cans of stewed tomatoes when 9 will go bad? I’d rather run out than waste so much again.  Besides with empty shelves maybe we can rearrange those pans and containers in a new, more practical way.

Planning for an emergency is not a bad idea either

But how about a box of carefully selected can goods. Putting five cans of peaches might not go over well when one sis is allergic to them.

What I did

Simple.  I tossed or gave away food we no longer were going to eat.  Next I washed all the dusty, graham cracker grime from the corners and reorganized the food.  I even made enough room to use some of my glass jars.  Yeah it’s nuts!  Literally I filled them with nuts.

Next declutter goal is the linen closet!

I’ve already got carte blanche to toss everything but the quilts and winter coats.  I’m going to salvage all the lace I can find and any other scraps I can get crafty with.

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