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TV rant: what I watched in may 2012


Instead of posts about some of the shows I’ve been watching this month I wanted to put them altogether- it will make it.more difficult to go off on a long, rambling rant.  Here are three that got me the most riled up this month; the Finder. Once Upon a Time, and Sherlock. Spoilers will probably be below so read on at your own risk!

The Finder

funny fox show the finder is over :(

CANCELLED!! So sad that the freshman Bones quasi-spinoff wasn’t given a shot. Yet another show my whole family watched and enjoyed only to hear it got the ax! Many complained about the serues finale it did the opposite of closure and for the second time ever I signed a petition to save a show. It didn’t help NBC’s The Unusuals and I doubt it will help in this case either. I have so many things I could rant about but it’s time to move on to the next finale. This one was thankfully just for a season.

Once Upon a Time

Belle from Once Upon a Time

Oooh, are you like me and a big Rumple fan? He seems to come out on top at the end of the season and the curse but Regina might have a thing or two to say. I still would love to see them have to travel through alternate worlds (like Wonderland) to get back to there own magical world. My other wish? That Henry is Gold’s grandson.  The first season of Once Upon a Time can be preordered on Amazon and it comes out in August.


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Oh Sherlock! Did you watch the last episode of Sherlock yet? If you are in the UK than I know this is old news but I just caught up with the marvelously mad (okay eccentric) private detective. Even though it was an upsetting ending you know there is more to the story. There always is.

You can catch Sherlock’s second season on DVD now and I’m seriously debating watching season three as it airs in the UK… whenever that may be. But in the meantime I’ll get my Holmes & Watson fix via The Hobbit and Star Trek!  Okay I’m backing away before a whole other rant can begin!

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