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A book NOOK: take one


Here is a rather bad picture of my first attempt at making my own NOOK cover. The Sound and the Fury by Faulkner hasn’t held up very well but I didn’t expect it to since it was a slapdash job. When my sister gave me the NOOK Tablet as a gift at first I balked. I hemmed and hawed. I resisted the lure but quickly overcame my reservations. I’m not against eBooks but if you saw the teeming bookshelves you just might shudder (okay it really isn’t that bad).

So I Googled it and followed a post on Instructables that I posted to my crafty Pinterest board to make my first attempt. The only thing I did different from her easy steps was the way I glued my straps on… which in hindsight didn’t make much difference.

Next attempt will include reinforcing the spine and I’m debating following this poster’s idea to use sugru. ┬áBut it looks like a much bigger project so I might go the nonbook route and making a sleeve.

I’ve bought more books since I got the NOOK even if you don’t count all the books I’ve bought to hack into pieces and turn into my own cover.

Have you made your own tablet/iPad/NOOK/etc cover?

Let me know I love seeing the craftiness.

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